The Importance of Textiles in Interior Design

The Importance of Textiles in Interior Design: How to Choose the Right Fabrics for Your Home.

At Mavromac, we strongly believe in the transformative power of fabrics when it comes to defining your home’s style. However, incorporating fabrics into your design requires a thorough understanding of both aesthetic and functional factors. It’s important to appreciate the impact that well-chosen fabrics can have on your space. These principles are at the core of each design in the Mavromac South Collection. In this blog, we will explore how to select and use fabrics within your personal space.

There are several components to consider when creating a successful interior design scheme. These include paint, furniture, wallpaper, and lighting. Fabric has the unique ability to tie all these elements together into one cohesive whole. In fact, fabrics are often referred to as the cornerstone of interior design. Interior designers use texture in the form of tactile objects like fabrics, wood, and stone to add physical comfort and visual interest to a space. Mixing materials and layering is key to making textural elements work.

The Importance of Textiles in Interior Design
The Importance of Textiles in Interior Design

When you select fabrics that reflect your personality and taste, you’re creating a unique space and the perfect habitat for yourself, your family and your friends. With such a wide range of options within the Mavromac South offering of locally designed and made fabrics, you’re bound to find exactly what you’re looking for – or be surprised and delighted by something you weren’t expecting.

Function and form

What will each space be used for, and who will be spending time there? In areas that experience high traffic (or which are beloved of children and pets), it makes sense to select practical, hard-wearing fabrics that are easy to clean. With the Mavromac South “Eco Cottons” collection, sustainable fabrics, you can make sensible choices without compromising on style or comfort.

Eye-catching fabrics

The right materials have the potential to add depth and visual interest to any room. Your options include contributing to a theme, or creating points of contrast. Rich, vibrant colours like copper, saffron, and shades of deep green draw the eye and invite people in, as well as creating that all-important sense of warmth during winter.

Be brave!

Mixing and matching fabrics can create a more sophisticated, layered and textured look that adds to both the visual and tactile appeal of your room. A confident approach is all that’s required – through a little experimentation, you’ll soon discover what works best for you.

Try the Mavromac South “Easy Velvets” collection for soft, plush velvet fabrics that are simply perfect when it comes to adding that elusive wow factor. They don’t only look stunning; they feel amazing, too.

The Importance of Textiles in Interior Design
The Importance of Textiles in Interior Design

A beautiful home

By incorporating Mavromac South offerings into your fabric selection, you can create a space that combines a warm welcome with ease-of-use, hassle-free care and of course, beauty. We are always happy to help with fabric selections that will add depth, character and intrigue to any room. We’re fabric people, and we’re confident that we can bring you round to our point of view!

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