Colefax & Fowler

Heritage Month is the perfect time to focus on one of our favourite design brands – a company with a remarkable heritage of their own. Founded in England in 1930, Colefax and Fowler has established a reputation for relaxed elegance, and their new Braganza Collection for 2022 continues this theme by mining a rich seam of classic fabric design.

The new collection launches September 2022 and features 12 all-new fabric designs – evocative patterns that pay respect to history, culture and craft while adding a fresh new interpretation on centuries of fabric heritage. Each of these new fabrics blends aesthetics reminiscent of a grand English country house with a timeless elegance that will stand the test of time.

The designers at Colefax and Fowler certainly haven’t allowed themselves to be restrained by their desire to respect the past. A vibrant spirit runs through the entire collection, and there’s a delightful freshness that will enliven any space in which these fabrics are used.

The embroideries and printed fabrics in the Braganza Collection use a rich colour palette to highlight the skilful weaving, printing, embroidery and hand-finished details and make bold, unmissable decorative statements.

Each of the 12 designs in the Braganza pattern book is technique-rich and highly decorative. Deep reds and blues exemplify the colour palette, and ensure that these fabrics will always make an impression.

The Braganza Collection is a testament to the skill of Colefax and Fowler in curating history and selecting the most relevant themes for contemporary living, and their technical abilities. It takes true confidence to reinterpret classic historical designs and update them without losing sight of what made them special in the first place, but the heritage of centuries of printers and embroiderers is in the safest of skilful hands with this renowned English design house.

At Mavromac and Gatehouse, we have always been ardent admirers of the work of Colefax and Fowler – their ethos, with the focus on quality and imagination, is closely aligned with our own. We take great pleasure in introducing the Braganza Collection, and we’re excited to work with our esteemed clients on bringing new life – and historical resonance – to their homes.

No matter what your preferred look and feel, there’s a Braganza fabric that’s just right for you. The names of the new collection are suitably evocative – each conjures up a particular time and place in the illustrious history not just of Colefax and Fowler, but of the entire timeline of quality fabric printing and embroidery.

Flores, Pashley, Orlando, Ariadne, Jessamine, Rowley, Tait Stripe, Campion, Baptista Linen, Irwin and Samson – simply saying the names of the fabrics in the Braganza Collection is a sensory experience in itself.

To discover them, visit one of our Mavromac and Gatehouse showrooms to relive the past – and explore the future. The perfect way to celebrate Heritage Month.