Travel is in our blood at Mavromac

October is turning out to be a wonderful year-end celebration. Not only are we launching our new locally sourced Mavromac South collection, but we are also introducing our new Gatehouse furniture designs. The start of summer has also seen the launch of our Journey and Petit Documents fabric collections: Go further with Mavromac

Travel is in our blood at Mavromac – I have always enjoyed exploring other countries, and immersing myself in their decorative traditions. Drawing on my own memories, and inspired by the romance and fascination of far-off places including Peru, ancient Persia, and Afghanistan, our Journey Collection lets you travel the world without leaving your own home.

Our Journey Collection features distinctive woodblock print designs based on hand-painted textiles. You’ll discover earthy stonewashed plains, hemp linens in fiery colours, and a beautiful weighty kilim fabric. The Collection features saturated plant-dyed colours, including Deep Indigo Blues, Berry Reds, Mud Browns, Forest Greens and wonderful Ochre hues. These bold designs are complemented by creative coordinates that illustrate local landscapes and our much-loved animal prints.

Travel back in time

The Petits Documents Collection was inspired by a treasure trove of rare 18th Century French documents, and perfectly captures the aesthetic spirit of a bygone time and place. In this era, cotton base cloths would have been considered a highly desirable luxury fabric. Our small floral designs stem from a period when cotton was becoming more affordable and was in great demand from the growing middle class.

Featuring charming small-scale florals in a sprig or striped motif, and authentic colours ranging from softer bois de rose, rouge and sable through to vert, bleu, ochre and graphite, our Petits Documents Collection fuses softer, French-inspired prints with bold woodblock designs which can fit in any interior scheme.

New Gatehouse furniture designs

Introducing the Flanders Sofa, Hampton Chair, Bruges Sofa, Newman Ottoman and Chair and Normandy Dining Chair.

Our new furniture pieces have, as always, been designed with comfort and simplicity in mind. These pieces work beautifully alongside all our current designs and carry themselves proudly as new additions to the Gatehouse furniture portfolio.

Our design journey

These new collections took the better part of two years from start to finish – the creative process in itself was quite a journey. Part of our voyage involved indulging and investing in the things we love and appreciate.

As a result, we’ve had the great fortune to introduce wonderful and exciting products to the Trade and their clients during a time where many people were feeling the need to change or completely makeover their homes and workspaces.

Be sure to find your way to one of our showrooms on their launch day – an unmissable opportunity to feast on fabulous food, fabrics and furniture. It would be lovely to see you!

Until next month,