The Mavromac and Gatehouse Annual Sale

Mavromac has existed for 37 years! I have been a part of it for 27 years. For as long as I care to remember, we have had an Annual Sale.

I cannot remember when THE SALE, as we refer to it here at MAVROMAC, started. I do however remember, with clarity, the point at which we realised it had become BIGGER than what we had ever intended. One year, Helder (everybody’s right-hand and left-hand man for that matter) came to me frantically on the first day of THE SALE, telling me people have been queuing since early morning. As always with THE SALE, we all get to the showroom in Johannesburg at the crack of dawn on the first day of THE SALE. We never know what to expect and just try to be in control when the doors open. We were still running around inside, organising the x60 temporary Runners” we employed to make it easier for attendees, briefing all the staff one final time on sale rules and procedures; and serving coffee and rusks to people flying in from across Southern Africa waiting for the doors to open. It all sounds unreal, but truly so exciting, both for us as well as for everyone attending.

THE SALE is always held at the end of July and lasts for exactly three wonderful, whirlwind crazy shopping days! This year, it starts on Thursday the 28th July and ends on Saturday the 30th July. As I am writing this social media story, the countdown has started! Without knowing what to expect this year, Lesley, the branch manager in Johannesburg is, as always, quietly and totally in control, reminding us all of people calling from as early as February asking for THE SALE dates.

All of us here at MAVROMAC will tell you that we have a bit of a love-hate relationship with THE SALE. The first thing which comes up in the first planning meeting of the year, is THE SALE. It requires intense preparation and pre-work, and we are all desperately relieved to close the doors on the Saturday when THE SALE ends; and it seems like no time before we open our doors after our Annual Summer break and look at each other and say: “can you believe it, we have to start planning THE SALE for this year”! THE SALE has even become one of the pointers in interviews – warning kindly of THE ANNUAL SALE.

It is just wonderful to see how many people use the opportunity to decorate their holiday houses, their primary residences, their children’s apartments, get a nice piece for a special friend or stock their cupboards with fabric pieces just in case something might be required in the year to come.

It is even more wonderful to see how there are people who come in every day of THE SALE, peeling off the layers in order, to get to that piece that will work for them. Every day they manage to find more gems!

Over the years the furniture and decorative accessories side has become a much more prominent contributor to THE SALE. People can now come to THE SALE and literally have a one- stop shop to help them start or complete the re-decorating of a room, a house, a space AND to top it off, even get some sound decorating advice!

Since lockdown changed our lives, we had to substantially scale down in order to comply with the COVID rules. This year, we are back to what we were used to in the past and this time round there is NO love-hate relationship, just an air of excitement and anticipation leading up to this fabulous event!

We have decided to refer to this year’s Sale as MAVROMAC and GATEHOUSE’s gift to our clients!

We hope to see you there!

All my very best


Mavromac Kramerville Sale