Paris in the Spring

Traditionally Paris Deco-off, Maison and Object and Paris Design week, fall over a very cold January. This year it was postponed for the 2nd time since the start of the Pandemic. It was actually really good news.  The new date was the start of Spring.

There is something magical about Spring in Paris and what better time to start a new cycle of design and inspiration? A new season, which traditionally announces ‘’new beginnings” and to top it all, in the design capital of the world!

Paris in the Spring
Paris in the Spring

Paris pulled out all the stops and presented us with amazing warm but crisp Spring days. The collections shown were some of the best I have seen in a long time! The fabric industry seems to have had a proper “Spring Clean” over the lock-down period, both literally and creatively. Shelf space was cleared for exciting new designs and amazing constructions. Designs and constructions which will make all the difference to a well-balanced, well-designed interior.

First on my list of new collections to view was that of powerhouse of Design, Pierre Frey.  Patrick Frey’s design inspiration, working in partnership with the Louvre, was his wish to pay homage to the discovery of hieroglyphs by Champollion in 1822. The launch of this amazing collection of fabrics and wallpapers was timed to coincide with a new exhibition at the Louvre.

March was also the launch of the new Pierre Frey furniture collection, which will certainly help designers and architects to breathe new life into their projects.

Beatrice, the creative director of Larsen, designed an unbelievable collection based on the traditional weaving Techniques which Jack Lenor Larsen became known for. The Designs are cleverly influenced by reflections and shadows of the moon, sun and sand dunes. True to their history, Larsen drew inspiration and knowledge from using predominantly specialised Italian and French mills to achieve their goal.

Lelievre, Metaphore and Gaston Daniela’s collections were equally inspiring and refreshing. We are so looking forward to showing the best of Europe here in South Africa. You will be inspired!

Rubelli’s latest tongue in cheek collection, Magico Mexico, is an ode to the natural landscapes of Mexico, as seen through the eyes of the visionary artist Gabriel Pacheco.

Finally, De Le Cuona, which is close to my heart, in part because of Bernie and Grant De Le Cuona’s South African and Zimbabwean roots, but mainly her unbelievable style and ability to consistently show us that a Linen is not just another fabric, but a construction which can change your life and transform your interiors!

Over the coming months, we’ll introduce you to each of these brands.

Yet again I was left with such a proud sense of all these prestigious design houses, which Mavromac is privileged to represent in South Africa.

Thank you, Paris, for never disappointing.

Paris in the Spring