Autumn Leaves

The autumn leaves have been shed, the days are rapidly shortening and winter is almost upon us. We are finding every possible way to warm ourselves, both physically and spiritually.

Our showrooms across the country are stocked with new and exciting product, both fabrics and furniture. Our gas supplies have been replenished and the showroom fireplaces are lit, creating warm and comfortable spaces, welcoming anyone who needs beauty and inspiration in the cold days to come.

Marking the end of summer and the onset of winter, we at Mavromac and Gatehouse decided that we needed to inspire by staging an event with a difference; something which will fill the upcoming days and months with talk and lots to think about.

Our industry, for as long as it has been around, has co-existed with the clothing fashion industry, yet we seldom cross the boundary. So we decided to push our own boundaries and I asked our friend, the very talented fashion designer David Hutt, to join us in a co-lab of fashion and fabrics. What transpired from a chat over a pot of coffee, ended in a production which left us breathless.

My brief to David, was Mavromac Linens, rural, peasant, no make-up, bare feet and drama. But most of all to help us create an event which would fulfil my desire to inspire everyone, especially the youth, who visit our showrooms. I want them to aspire to quality and inspirational design the way I did when I first entered the world of design, fabrics and furniture.

David put on a show, better than I could ever have hoped for. The Boss models were exquisite, the clothes were exactly what I had envisioned, the music created anticipation and drama and to top it off, the beautiful linens were without a doubt the star of the show. I have attended numerous international shows and exhibitions, produced by well-known names in the décor and fashion worlds. This was right up there with the best of them.

On Saturday afternoon after the last run, I walked into the Johannesburg showroom to join the staff around the big serving counter and enjoy a glass of champagne, chatting and bonding over an event which not only pushed Mavromac’s boundaries, but the boundaries of each individual who took part in it. It left me with such a wonderful feeling of gratitude to an unbelievable team; people I can count on, whatever the circumstances, as well as a great sense of belonging and pride in who we are and what we stand for at Mavromac and Gatehouse. Pushing boundaries and creating excitement is our aspiration.

Happy Winter!
We will be creating a display area in the Johannesburg showroom to display the garments, for those who missed the event. We are also planning a show for our Cape Town and Hermanus showrooms.