The Mavromac and Gatehouse Sale – A Truly Historic Event

Over the last 37 years, Mavromac has become a fixture on the South African design and décor landscape and has earned its place in the hearts of homeowners and interior designers. In part, this is due to our track record of providing exceptional fabrics and furniture, and of promoting the work of local artisans.

Another major contributor to our continued success has been our annual sale – known fondly by many as simply THE SALE. This year’s Mavromac and Gatehouse edition of THE SALE will be a historic occasion in a different way, too, as it marks the first time since 2019 that we have been able to stage THE SALE without COVID-19 restrictions.

This has added to the sense of anticipation and excitement around THE SALE – of course, these are feelings we have every year, but they have reached a new level of intensity in 2022. THE SALE is part of who we are and is one of the most important ways that we engage with our customers, so it is wonderful to be able to go all out again, just as we have done in the past.

We like to think of THE SALE as winter tradition on a par with ‘Christmas in July’, especially as we see it as our gift to our community of Mavromac and Gatehouse fans here in South Africa, and across the world. Naturally, THE SALE generates a great deal of interest – it’s the perfect opportunity to redecorate a corner, a room or even an entire house, or simply to experience the latest in international and local trends.

Within Mavromac, THE SALE also has legendary status – it may only last for three days each year, but it takes up a lot of our collective energy and imagination. That’s a process that starts long before we open our doors to THE SALE in late July.

THE SALE attracts a wonderfully eclectic crowd, and it’s a privilege to be able to share in their journey of discovery and provide them with expert advice on what will work best in their chosen spaces.

The Mavromac team has years of practice in making THE SALE happen – it’s a well-oiled operation that can take surprises in its stride. That’s probably just as well, because we often don’t know quite how THE SALE will go, right up until the last moment.

That’s part of what makes THE SALE so exciting – for us, and, we hope, for everyone who attends. This year’s edition of THE SALE – free from the shadow of the pandemic – promises to be the most enjoyable in a series of midwinter events that stretches back 27 years or more.

We’re delighted to be able to invite you to the 2022 Mavromac and Gatehouse Annual Sale, taking place exclusively at our Kramerville, Johannesburg showroom. Dates for THE SALE are Thursday, 28 July to Saturday, 30 July. Be certain not to miss what is already the most talked-about design and décor event of the year, both within Mavromac and across the interiors world.

Mavromac Kramerville Sale