There’s still much to be done before we can put our holiday message on.

Before we can put our holiday message on our answering machine and front doors, “Back in January”, there is still much to be done at Mavromac and Gatehouse. The factory is working full steam to keep the furniture showrooms full and the fabric cutters are cutting non-stop on the tables to supply the trade, who are placing their last orders into the workrooms, who are in turn busy closing their order books for the year. We have spent hours this year ‘Spring cleaning’. Our warehouses are brilliantly organized and our showrooms are looking better than ever. We have just launched two fabulous new fabric collections as well as a great collection of new furniture designs. Industry appropriate – we would say.

Looking out into my own garden and driving around Johannesburg, there is no doubt that Summer is upon us. When we first moved to Johannesburg twenty years ago, which at the time was a little overwhelming, a friend told me that she cannot wait for me to experience the change between Winter and Summer, Spring in this city. At the time I did not pay too much attention, until I experienced the extreme change from brown to green. The lawns literally become green carpets as you watch and the trees spread their canopies so wide that you on occasion forget you are living in a city. It is just beautiful and we are reminded of how lucky we are to live in a country where there is so much natural beauty surrounding us.

This year was riddled with challenges. The Russian War on the Ukraine, which caused International energy prices to spike even higher; the ongoing yarn shortages; price increases on steel and wood; the post COVID disruption and high cost of logistics; European suppliers who are bizarrely struggling to find staff and the never ending load shedding, has become a reality which we are learning to live with. We have to keep on reminding ourselves that we are resilient and that our past challenges make it a little easier for us as South Africans to face this new “onslaught”. What I have found in my business is that it makes me appreciate the people which I depend on, to make the business tick, more than ever before!

Most of the team will be enjoying an outdoor holiday of sorts. Some will go to their traditional rural homes, some to the coast, others to the mountains and a few have decided to brace themselves and face the extreme heat of the bush. There are few countries that indulge in outdoor living the way we as South Africans do. We are literally an all-year-round outdoor bunch, although in Summer the migration is amplified. And so Outdoor Living is our theme for the month, both in fabrics and furniture.

We have a fantastic outdoor range of furniture in Gatehouse, the Outdoor Cuban collection, of which our Cuban rocking chair had become an iconic furniture piece. This generously sized rocker is just the perfect piece to curl up in. Our fabulous Mavromac South Antwerp Outdoor fabrics are, in my opinion, desirable on a different level. Please visit our website and Instagram posts to view all of the above.