New season, new collections

New season, new collections 

This October, we’re in a celebratory mood, thanks to the launch of two new collections: Journey and Petits Documents. Each of them involves a voyage: around the world in the case of the Journey Collection, and back in time when it comes to the Petits Documents Collection.

Embark on a journey 

As fabric designers, we’re part of a global community and the proud inheritors of a rich heritage. Almost every country has its own weaving and fabric design traditions – the world has proved to be a rich source of inspiration for our Journey Collection.

Spoiled for choice in this way, we could pick the traditions that appealed to us the most. In our case, Peru, ancient Persia and Afghanistan. If you’ve visited any of these places, you may have seen some of their traditional fabrics being made or sold; if not, you can travel there with Mavromac, without leaving the comfort of your own home.

Our Journey Collection is an ode to the world’s many cultures (as reflected in their distinctive fabrics) and the delights of travel to new and exotic destinations.

Paying homage to culture 

Our Journey Collection isn’t simply a carbon copy of the designs that inspired it; instead, we added contemporary Mavromac twists to refresh these traditional designs. By using woodblock print designs based on hand-painted textiles, and a range of bold colours, we increased the relevance of these designs and made them applicable to modern living.

The Journey Collection consists of a melange of tapestry, kilim and printed designs that call to mind mountains, temples and desert souks. The contrast between earthy stonewashed plains and hemp linens in fiery colours lends the Journey Collection an unmissable look.

To complement these bold designs, Journey includes creative coordinates which illustrate local landscapes and much-loved animal prints, ensuring that the designs in our Journey Collection will be at home in all your favourite spaces.

Reimagining cotton 

In 18th Century France cotton was a rare and precious material, but something remarkable was about to happen. The evolution of smaller, floral designs coincided with cotton becoming much more affordable as the growing middle class demanded new ways to make their homes more beautiful.

This transitional time in the history of interior design was recorded in a unique series of archived documents. These provided the inspiration for our new collection, Petits Documents.

Our designers worked with the intricate floral designs found in these archived documents to create sprig and stripe motifs in colourways that would be familiar to design-conscious French people living over 200 years ago.

A study in contrasts 

Our Petits Documents Collection uses colours that were typical of the time. In general, these were soft, natural hues, including bois de rose, rouge, sable, through to vert, bleu, ochre and graphite.

As a result, these collections fuse delicate, French-inspired prints with bold woodblock designs, hemp linens, stonewashed cottons and animal prints to create an exciting addition to any interior décor scheme.

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