Before we can put our holiday message on our answering machine and front doors, “Back in January”, there is still much to be done at Mavromac and Gatehouse.

October is turning out to be a wonderful year-end celebration. Not only are we launching our new locally sourced Mavromac South collection, but we are also introducing our new Gatehouse furniture designs.

How else do I celebrate Heritage month at Mavromac and Gatehouse – other than to reflect on the untold amount of Heritage we have under one roof.

The Gatehouse Family sofa. My very favourite piece of furniture. I suppose with more than just the normal amount of sentiment attached.

Mavromac Kramerville Sale

Over the last 37 years, Mavromac has become a fixture on the South African design and décor landscape and has earned its place in the hearts of homeowners and interior designers.

The autumn leaves have been shed, the days are rapidly shortening and winter is almost upon us. We are finding every possible way to warm ourselves, both physically and spiritually.

Paris in the Spring

Traditionally Paris Deco-off, Maison and Object and Paris Design week, fall over a very cold January. This year it was postponed for the 2nd time since the start of the Pandemic. It was actually really good news.

Fashion is temporary, style is permanent

Many people talk about ‘choosing their career path’, but I have always felt that I am one of the lucky few whose professional life was predestined. It may not always have been obvious, but looking back, there were important clues.